Sunday, October 18, 2015

Luncheon: The Millennial Impact on Real Estate Professionals

The Millennial Generation is already having an impact on the way agents work with buyers.  

Currently the largest group of buyers, Millennials -- the do-it-yourself generation -- are already squeezing agents with demands for fee-for-services.

Investors and Agents need to be ready for the next phase of the Millennials impact... when the biggest group of buyers becomes the biggest group of sellers.

Millennials are skeptical, tech-savvy, and used to instant gratification services.  Investors and Real Estate Agents need to position themselves to be at the forefront of this ever changing market or risk being left behind.

Come learn how taking a new, cutting-edge approach to real estate will allow you to continue to work with sellers as we witness this generational shift.... and do so while making more not less!

This talk is appropriate for Realtors and for Investors looking to stay on the forefront of this new Real Estate market.

Make more today and continue to grow your business despite these changes!

Join us for a Free luncheon  – Wednesday, October 21st  – at the Rudy’s in Katy, from 11:00 to 1:00 


21799 Katy Freeway

Katy, Texas  77450

Spots are limited. To claim yours, and so we have an accurate head-count for food, please RSVP by 

-- emailing 
-- Texting Dan : 512-731-4541 
-- Filling out our form online: 

To see more what we are about, visit 

We hope to see you Wednesday! 

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