Be the Real Estate Turducken

Not everyone is a fan of turkey on Thanksgiving.  Some prefer the richness of duck, or the familiar of a chicken.  Thus, the “Turducken” was born.  A chicken, stuffed into a duck which is stuffed into a Turkey.

To be honest, I’ve never had one.  Turkey is just fine by me.  But this Thanksgiving, we have a variety of new friends and relatives joining us… including a vegetarian!  That has made us think of all the dishes we need.  Everyone wants to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.  Variety is more important this Thanksgiving than ever before.

But serving variety is easy for us.  We do it every day.  I don’t mean for dinner, I mean in Real Estate.  Real Estate Without Limits, our philosophy, is about recognizing that not everyone is ready, willing or able to “eat” the same solution.

But for us, that is no concern.  Because all of us at StepStone have embraced both the creative investor and traditional agent tools and tactics, we are armed with everything on the menu to satisfy every seller.  We are like the Real Estate Turducken!

When a seller has a house in disrepair they can’t fix, we can buy it, fix it and flip it!  When a seller needs cash fast, we can wholesale it, or owner-finance it!  And when a seller is behind on payments and facing foreclosure, we can “short” it.  But when a seller just needs to sell, but doesn’t have those pressures, we are more than happy to list it.

Our menu is full, and because of that, so is our pipeline!

When investors add listings to their tool-belt, they stop leaving money on the table.  When agents add creative real estate to their tool-belt, they find more deals.

Be the Turducken of Real Estate and you will know what it means to practice Real Estate Without Limits.