StepStone University: The New Wave of Continuing Education

You’ve heard it before… there are more millionaires made in Real Estate than any other industry.

But how?

Unfortunately, many hear this, go to Real Estate “School”, get their license and before they know it, they have a “job” they never intended to have. They learn how to analyze retail deals they find on their local “MLS” and help others build their wealth, but never make any of that wealth themselves.

Then it gets worse. They are required to take hours boring continuing education classes every year that tell them myths and conventional wisdom that they can NOT invest for themselves…. that somehow that will get them into trouble and put their license at risk.

Well nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is, just because you are licensed does not mean you can’t invest for yourself… in fact, we believe you SHOULD! Making money and wealth for yourself is exactly why you got into real estate to being with!

Wether you are new to real estate or you’re a seasoned agent, you CAN make REAL money in real estate!

That’s why we have made StepStone University

Our classes are here to tell you what you CAN do! Our exciting classes are full of rock solid steps to finally achieving financial freedom! The fact is, ANYONE can invest and our classes are open to ALL, licensed and unlicensed individuals looking for the path to make HUGE incomes and ENORMOUS wealth in real estate.

AGENTS: You CAN invest. The myth that it will get you in trouble is just that… a MYTH. Our classes, while open for everyone, are sponsored by the State of Texas for continuing education credit! We host classes that teach you:

  • How to find KILLER deals Off-Market
  • How to Talk to Sellers and Convert Leads Into Contracts
  • How to fund deals without any of your own money or credit
  • Creative financing strategies that get the seller to carry your note
  • Various exit strategies that ANYONE can employ to make money!
  • So much more!

Stop PRACTICING Real Estate and Finally DO Real Estate!

Sign up for individual classes or join our monthly service to get them ALL, past, present and future so you can get out of that “job” and make money for yourself! Learn More!