Why We Do This…

Every year, StepStone Agents come together and sacrifice a Saturday earning no money for themselves. They aren’t at the river, enjoying family or friends and certainly are not having a nice lazy weekend.

Instead, they are setting up tables, registering golfers, conducting games and running credit cards. Instead of planning their next project, they are helping to raise money for someone else’s home construction. Instead of showing buyers around or selling a house, they are helping to build a free house for someone else.


As real estate investors, we often times have a soured reputation in our community. Some see us as conducting scams, stealing equity or otherwise seeking opportunity at the expense of others. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Real estate investors repair homes, improve neighborhoods and provide housing to those in need and who can’t afford a home of their own.

And while we may work hard and feel we deserve everything we earn in this business, the fact is, we can choose our own path and make a living because we live a free country.

This freedom has and continues to be provided for us because of the sacrifice of others. Sometimes that sacrifice is the ultimate one, a loss of life. But for every soldier that has sacrificed him or herself with their life, there are countless others who have sacrificed through the loss of limb, sight, hearing or other severe injury.

As those that provide nice homes for our community, isn’t it only right that we do what we can to make sure severely wounded veterans who fought and sacrificed for our freedom to work and live the way we choose have a nice home as well? One that provides accessibility for their particular injury.


Every year, StepStone Realty and Pryme Homes hosts the Black Sheep Open Charity Golf Tournament. Our goal is to give back to those who gave so much. We set out to raise as much as we can for a great organization that provides accessible housing to severely wounded post-911 Veterans, Homes For Our Troops (HFOTusa.org)

While countless hours go into the preparation for the annual tournament, our sacrifice pales in comparison to those we set out to help! And we want YOUR help as well!

Together, we can show our community that we are here to HELP our communities, not scam them. We can show that we care, that we recognize how freedom has impacted our lives and that we are thankful for the sacrifices made.


What can you do to help? That’s easy! You can make a small sacrifice of time, treasure or cash. And you can have fun doing it!

  • PLAY: You don’t have to be a great golfer, we are here to have fun and help Homes for Our Troops! Join as a four-person team or as an individual at BlackSheepOpen.com
  • VOLUNTEER: Don’t want to play but willing to sacrifice one day for those who gave so much? Volunteer! It’s fun, exciting and includes dinner! Volunteers can also join at BlackSheepOpen.com
  • GIVE: We need sponsors! We need raffle prizes! We need cash for logistics and other prizes! Want to sponsor? Or have something to donate? Contact us at hello@blacksheepopen.com


The Fourth Annual Black Sheep Open Golf Tournament
Format: 4-person scramble (play from the location of your team’s best shot!)
Date: Saturday, September 14, 2019
Time: 10:30-11:30 a.m. Registration, Noon Start!
More info: BlackSheepOpen.com


Your sacrifice, while small compared to our wounded veterans, is not small on Saturday, September 14th. It will make a huge impact on a person’s life for years to come! Let’s show our communities what we are really about and join us in helping raise money for Homes For Our Troops! Registration is open and the time to make that decision and join us is TODAY!

We’ll see you on September 14th!