Turn Your Sellers into Liars

Most investors, when that lead call comes in, have a script they follow, and a bunch of questions they ask.

I cannot imagine being on the other end of that call.  Being a distressed seller, reaching out for help, not knowing who I am calling…. only to be asked intrusive questions about my life.  What do I owe on my house?  Am I behind on payments?  How much will I sell it for?

Who IS this person asking me all of these things?  Its just a voice on the other end of the line.

Investors ask these questions and too often illicit a response they do not want… a lie.

And can you blame the seller for lying?  I don’t think I would truthfully tell a voice on a phone call if I were behind on my payments.

The problem is, now you have locked your seller into those answers.  When you meet face to face, the seller now has to continue to tell you they are not behind, or they have to have a certain price for their property, otherwise they have to admit they lied to you on the phone.  You have turned your seller into a liar.

So why do investors ask so many questions?  Because they have to.  They have to screen-out sellers for motivation and equity, otherwise they might “waste their time” going to an appointment only to find they have no real solution for the seller, and leave empty-handed.

That is not a problem for us.  Since we are investors AND agents, we can offer ANY solution to a seller, and that means there is no reason to not skip the laundry list of lie-inducing questions, and just go meet the seller!  Personally, I have one question I ask a seller.  “When can I come see the property?”

When you meet with the seller, you get the REAL story… the truth.

No longer is the seller talking to some probable corporate stalker on the phone, but a real person there to help.

We consider any contract a victory, whether that is a contract to buy, or a contract to list.  So we do not screen sellers, because every seller can use our help.

Because of that, we beat out our competition!  While others are screening callers, scaring them off, and turning them into liars, we are already at the property, talking with our sellers, finding out their needs and offering real solutions.

That is the joy of real estate without limits!