Be a Black Sheep!

I spend a lot of time talking to Realtors who are also active investors.  Some of them got their license to assist in their investment business.  Some of them were Realtors first who saw the opportunity in creative real estate.  A common thread emerges when I talk to them about their brokerage… they feel like the black sheep.

You see, many brokerages are still resting on the laurels of the old traditional ways of practicing real estate. That means sales meetings, desk duty, elaborate listing presentations, open houses and property tours. And, of course, a broker who is preoccupied with how many listings and buyer rep agreements you have.  A broker who wants you to produce for them!

Real estate investors think different though! We spend our time worrying less about the number of listings we have (some of my agents have never had a listing… and I’m okay with that!) and more time beating the pavement, talking to sellers, calling leads, networking with other investors, looking for the motivated sellers and the DEALS.

As a real estate broker who is also an active investor I understand this difference, and at StepStone Realty we embrace the new cutting edge way of doing real estate.  We understand that some sellers don’t want to or can’t list their properties but just need a quick cash offer.  We can do that! Some seller’s want to list a really ugly house! Hey.. if it’s priced right I’ll do that too! We understand that just because we have our license does not mean we cannot take advantage of our skills and knowledge to make money for ourselves while also helping meet seller’s needs.

By freeing ourselves from the old tired ways of doing real estate we are able to break the mold and practice creative real estate while also providing the more traditional real estate services.  So, if you are a black sheep in your office maybe it’s time to join us!