Join our Captain Program

Phase I of the Captain Program was a pilot program that met with a lot of success (and some learning/tweaks).  But we are excited to move into Phase II!

What is the Captain Program?  The Captain Program is first and foremost a way for those more experienced with StepStone to introduce new Agents to StepStone.

Captains also help those who are newly licensed learn the mechanics of licensed deals.  And they are there to help those who want or need it, to navigate investment deals.

Benefits to being a captain include:

·  Education:  Nothing will teach you advance skills faster than having to teach someone else.  We don’t always have the best answer, but by working with you, we will learn and we hope the same is true for you by working with us.

·  Payment:  For the Team Member’s that are required to use you for licensed activity, you will be paid.  They will be required to pay you (we will collect and disburse quarterly) $500 for up to three of their first closings.

·  Partnering and consulting opportunities:  We offer deal consulting (25% of profit) and deal partnering (50% of profit) and deal shadowing (75% of profit).  Angie and Dan are your partners in this activity.  Your Team Member will most often use you to take advantage of this resource and in turn, you can lean on us to help, answer questions, guide you, etc.  For consulting opportunities, you keep 15% and StepStone gets 10%.  For partnering, you get 35% and StepStone gets 15%.  For shadowing, you get 55% and StepStone gets 20%.  This will allow us to expand and push this program and make sure everyone’s deals are getting the best results possible.

Phase II is to allow everyone to apply to be a Captain!

Join today!

All Agents applying for Captain shall have the following qualifications:

1 Year Licensed with StepStone Realty (2 years total with license)

Minimum 5 Agent Transactions

Investor related skills or experience

Proven Participant in StepStone Activities

Two References from other StepStone Agents

The application and more information is in the Captain Application Process folder in MojoDocs.  Join today and start building a team to help you make more money!