Guidelines to Recruiting New Agents

Recruiting new agents to StepStone is a great way to build residuals!  Last quarter, we sent out a check to one agent who has recruited several other agents that was more than $2,000.00!

So how do you recruit and make sure YOU get credit?  Below are the guidelines we recently posted in MojoDocs.  In the MojoDocs recruitment folder, you will find a lot of resources including sample emails and all of our marketing material.

Read these guidelines and ensure you get paid for people you help bring into StepStone!

Recruiting Guidelines for Agents

Who we are seeking:

• Highly-motivated entrepreneurs

• Self-reliant Go-Getters

• Those with a high level of integrity and honesty

• Investors looking to get a license

• Licensed Agents interested in the Creative side of real estate

• Agents and Brokers who are already doing both!

What it is we do:
A sample introduction to what we do to get someone interested:
“We’re a real estate brokerage but we’re a bit different than other brokerages you’ve probably heard of in that we specialize in sponsoring investors who have their real estate license.  While most brokers shut down creative real estate investing among their agents, since we were built from the ground up for the real estate investor, so we not only allow for creative real estate, we encourage it.”

Our Three Promises:
A good quick run-down of what we are about is to give the potential recruit our three promises:

1. Freedom – With StepStone, you won’t be required to show buyers around or do desk duty.  We don’t want to change the way anyone does business, but just add to it.  We are just another tool in your tool chest for helping sellers.

2. Support – Unlike discount brokers, we do offer support for our agents, both in their licensed activity and in their investment activities.  We do this through our Captain Program, our online library of videos/webinars and our live workshops

3. Community – StepStone is a community of investor/agents that work with a high-level of honesty and integrity.  When you are StepStone, you should feel you can do a deal with any other StepStone agent on a handshake.  This allows us to help each other and do more deals together.  You’ll see this also in our monthly mastermind meetings and in our private FaceBook Group

Get Credit for your Recruit
To get recruitment credit, be sure enter the prospect into and then CHOOSE ONE of the following:

1. Invite the prospect to our monthly mastermind meeting.  They can come as your guest one time which is a great opportunity to check us out, meet some of our agents and really get a sense of what we are all about.  After the meeting, usually at around 10:30, we sit with guests and tell them about StepStone and everything we have to offer.  That’s a great time to answer any questions about us they may have.

2. Invite the prospect to a personal meeting with you and our recruiter.  Set-up a meeting with our recruiter for your area.  If you don’t know your recruiter, you can email  Set-up a meeting where the recruiter will close your “sale” for you!  You must attend the meeting (unless otherwise agreed) to get credit.

3. Get a signed Statement of Intent
a. Step 1:  Have the prospect sign the letter of intent
b. Step 2:  Upload into the prospect’s file in
c. Step 3:  Click the Button “Convert Lead into Agent for Brokerage Team StepStone” in MojoVest

Get Paid!

Payments are sent every quarter!