Introducing Deal “Coaching”

The success of StepStone Agent/Investors is our #1 goal.  Everything we add, build, offer and talk about is with sincere hopes that it will give more of our agents more opportunities to find more success in this business.

When recruiting agent/investors onto the team, we are careful to let them all know, we are not coaches.  The Facebook page and the masterminds are great opportunities to throw out general questions about investing, but Angie and I have to protect our time by not becoming coaches.

It used to be, when someone would call and start seeking advice about an investment deal, our response was to ask, “So are we partners on this deal?”  I hope that never offends anyone, we just have to be careful to not get bogged down in coaching, but instead make sure our time is free to continue to build opportunities and the brokerage and to make sure Angie is always available to answer licensing questions.  In other words, we have to keep up with our broker-duties!

But many of our investor-agents wanted some help, but weren’t necessarily eager to give up 50% of a deal in order to get it.

To solve that problem, we are introducing Deal Coaching!

We still love to partner and offer that for those that need complete hands-on help with a deal.  But if you are looking for some help but don’t want to split the entire deal, we now will coach you through your deals for 25%!

If you want our advise, counsel, phone calls, emails and eagerness to make it a success, you can call and me and Angie to coach you through the deal.  We won’t see the property or take a completely active role, but instead be there to guide you through from the sidelines.

This is especially great for our growing Houston and Dallas markets.  While has given us more mobility to those markets, deal coaching can be done remotely and will help you close more deals!

Your success is our business.  Call on us when you need a hand.  Now instead of asking “are we partners?” we can give you a new and often-times more appropriate option and keep the deals moving and closing!