Which Group Will You Be In?

I was chatting with a Realtor recently who was considering joining the StepStone team. He’s interested in investing and has done a bit himself but was skeptical that our brokerage could really be the community we described when he came to one of our monthly MasterMind lunches.  After that lunch, he had spent some time with some of our Investor-Agents and found that it really was a group that collaborated on investing strategies, partnered, shared their knowledge with others and had strong ethics. Glad to have you on the team, Sergio. I may have paraphrased a little but that’s how I heard it!

The StepStone Workshops are the culmination of that community spirit.  Twice a year, StepStone Agent Investors and their business partners and spouses are invited to an exclusive event… StepStone Workshops. Our next one is in Houston on August 10th & 11th (‘cause we’re Investors so Houston in August doesn’t scare us!)

There are three types of folks that attend our workshop:

1. The Core Group: You may not spot them right away because they won’t be bragging about their various deals or all the leads they are getting! You may spot them huddled in the corner taking a lead call. Or, they may be one of the class presenters. Or, they may be in the front row of the class you are attending asking all the questions and taking notes.

Why are they there? They clearly have it all figured out. (AKA. Common excuse for NOT attending a workshop). It’s because they understand that things change all the time…There is always something new to learn, that there is value in community… no man can build an empire alone and that there is opportunity… other people’s money or time.

2. The Up and Comers: This driven bunch quit their jobs, Drive for Dollars, network every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and seek out people they can learn from. They understand that all the experience and expert direction they get in return is worth pounds of gold.  They are soon to be promoted to the Core.

3. The Wealth Builders:  These folks are NOT so interested in Door Knocking or Dealing with Contractors. But, they sure appreciate the value of real estate and want to use their license and knowledge to their advantage. They surround themselves with people who find the good deals, can offer them a return on their money, and understand creative opportunities when they come their way.

Do you want to fit into one of those categories? But still on the fence? In that case, let me counter the top 3 excuses for not attending:

1.  Too Smart?  When Dan and I started in real estate we were making a living on Lease to Purchase Options. If we depended solely on one strategy we would have to be selling our house to one of you. Continued success depends on being able to grow and the only way to do that is to harness the time and money of others to do so.  StepStone Workshops are the perfect place to do that.

2. Too Poor? I get it. When Dan and I started we shopped garage sales on the weekend to sell on eBay to buy groceries. You can choose to spend your limited funds on various guru events which try to upsell you, or you can choose to spend it with a community who supports your efforts and doesn’t charge you to be a part of the club. This event is not cheap for us to put on (have you ever SEEN the hotel food quotes!) but we spend months researching various venues and soliciting sponsors to make it as affordable for you, as possible. Money is spent out of our pocket for every person who attends. But we WANT you to come because we know it’s vital to your success! Just can’t swing it? Email Kim@stepstonetexas.com to request a payment plan. We want you there!

3. Too Busy? Oh gosh. I know. I know so well. But first, the voice I would use for my son, “ I TOLD YOU LONG AGO TO PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDAR.” There are some of you who may literally be having a baby. But, for some of you, there will always be something more pressing until you decide that you want to be on that list above AND that you will actually do something about it. Is it busy or are you scared, shy, nervous?  Me too. I’m actually a shy person but I have to get out of my comfort zone every day if I want to make my business a success. We don’t expect you to know everything or be the life of the party.  Join us for New Agent Basics, Investor 101, play BlackSheep Bingo! This is a community and everyone is welcome!

If you are a StepStone Agent.. sign up. Reach out to Kim@stepstonetexas.com if you don’t know how.

Interested in being a StepStone Agent? Maybe even get an invite to our Workshop? Shoot Christina a message at recruitment@stepstonetexas.com