2020: StepStone for YOU!

There was so much to be excited and proud of in 2019. The StepStone team cannot be thankful enough for our wonderful agents and how they have responded to our growth and changes.

It’s easy to sit back and reflect on such a great year. We grew by 50%, ending the year with 255 agents! We are now profitable again since we made our moves and investments to grow beyond 60 agents. We brought back consistent webinars, and we added the concept of the “mini-workshop” completing 8 over the course of the year (with 8 more coming this year!). The smaller, shorter but more frequent format proved to be a huge success.

And we raised over $10,000.00 for Homes For our Troops at the Black Sheep Open! (Thank you, Black Sheep!)

StepStone is for YOU

But we are not satisfied! And we hope you aren’t either!

The whole core concept of StepStone emerges out of our love for the people in the StepStone Community… to be a value add to YOUR business. So this is not about StepStone’s accomplishments, but about YOURS!

We want to help you do more business, be more successful and make more money. We already have some key improvements coming that will know will help. Look this year for…

  • More webinar topics
  • 8 more live workshops
  • A new robust and information-rich MojoVest to manage your investment leads
  • A new backoffice online system to communicate better, make more and better connections and to find resources at your fingertips
  • Continued education-rich masterminds

There are other things we are contemplating and debating. Such as improved systems for “Teams”, podcasts, Q&A sessions, and small special-interest online communities. Not all of these will we accomplish this year, and some may never happen. What is most important to us is that we provide what is most important to you.

Help Us Help You

So, I want to ask all of you. What do YOU want from StepStone!?

What would help your business grow? What would make YOU more successful? What resources, education, tools do YOU need? PLEASE SHARE WITH US!

Here are the ways you can let us know what YOU want:

  • Comment on this blog
  • Email Cameron@stepstonetexas.com
  • Come up to Dan or Angie at a mastermind and start with “I have a suggestion….”.

Believe me, we want to hear them! This is how we will make StepStone better, stronger and more what YOU need to have the Freedom to Succeed!

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