The Black Sheep Open: Turning Kids into Entrepreneurs

I grew up a Girl Scout.  From my first patch as a Brownie to my awkward teen years (made even more awkward when I had to wear the whole Senior scout uniform), I was a Girl Scout through and through. I’m pretty sure my mom was still signing me up as a Girl Scout even well into my 20’s.

And while some of the photos of me are cringe worthy and I probably earned a healthy nerd reputation (I was also a formidable high school debater!). I look back now and know that my time as a Girl Scout shaped my future and played a huge part in my success today.

I grew up thinking I would be a doctor. However, the fact that year after year I achieved top cookie sales in my council should have been my first clue that I was actually destined to be a salesperson! And while I learned some great sales skills (although I don’t know that pigtails and a beanie would work for me as well now) and knowledge about finances, supply, and customer service, the one lesson that I learned in Girl Scouts that stuck with me was this golden rule: Always leave a place better than you found it.

Being an entrepreneur didn’t exactly come naturally to me.  Dan, on the other hand, set out for it with an eagerness and drive that surprised me.  I can remember talking to him on the phone while at work (maybe I was complaining), and he said, “Angie, you need to start your own business. You need to quit and work for yourself”. I thought, “He’s crazy. What do I have to offer? I don’t know the first thing about running a business.”

Now, here we are, over 10 years later and life looks very differently. I am the very humbled owner of a growing and successful real estate brokerage with nearly 100 agents and I have business network of hundreds of more buyers, sellers, investors and fellow entrepreneurs. I wake up every morning grateful that I am the source of and beneficiary of my success. Nothing feels better.

I didn’t get here alone. Dan, of course, has been my driving force and main motivator. My Dad, who before he died loved nothing more than to talk real estate with me, made me believe that my knowledge was valuable. Both my parents and Dan’s parents gave us small business loans to get us started. And yes, Girl Scouts, who first taught me both sales and business skills as well as values that I still hold dear these many years later.

Having the guts, the drive and the motivation to be an entrepreneur is a gift.  And I am grateful for the people and the organizations that instilled that gift into me. So, in the spirit of the lesson I learned in Girl Scouts, to leave a place better than you found it, StepStone Realty and Pryme Home Solutions are partnering to support VentureLab, an organization dedicated to providing entrepreneur education for kids. We, as real estate investors and entrepreneur’s, can certainly appreciate the value of what this organization provides to the next generation of innovators, thinkers and business owners.

On Friday, October 7th, StepStone and Pryme are hosting the first Black Sheep Open, a golf benefit tournament for VentureLab. Whether you join us as a player, a sponsor, a volunteer or a spectator, your participation will have an impact on the future of some child who, through the entrepreneur education they receive from VentureLab, has the opportunity to shape their own future and maybe even be one of the next great thinkers of our time.

Sign up at www.BlackSheepOpen.comor email Invite your friends, your colleagues, your network. This is an event for the entire Real Estate Investing Community!