Real Estate Has Been the Best Present of All

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Christmas can be a stressful time for many.  And for us, at StepStone Realty, it is no different.  It can be a struggle balancing our desire to work on our deals and our desire to spend time with family, especially our son who is home from college!

But as real estate investors and agents, we are truly blessed regardless of the stress involved in running a business and running around trying to get all those last-minute presents.

We are blessed because we have the freedom to decide when to work and when to spend time with our families.  We decide to worship, volunteer, shop, give, or work on that final closing of the year.  We love being our own boss.

And while Christmas, to us, is about God and Family (especially the kids!), Real Estate has been kind financially as well.  And let’s face it.  Much of the stress associated with Christmas is about the financial burden all those presents can bring.

This year, we have not had to worry.  And I believe that is, in large part, due to our embracing of all sides of real estate… the creative AND the traditional.

Since Thanksgiving, we have closed two traditional listings (they weren’t even short sales like most of our listings!).  Those have paid our bills, and for that, we are truly blessed.

But in addition to that, we closed one giant wholesale deal, and we closed a very nice flip!

Throughout the year, we have a saying… “The listings keep the lights on, the creative deals put us on vacation”.  Well during the Holiday season, the “vacation” was shopping.  It was nice not to worry where that money was going to come from.

Real Estate Without Limits.  That has been the best present of them all.