StepStone Realty: The Home of the Black Sheep

For decades, Real Estate Professionals have had to choose between the path of being a Licensed Agent or being a Creative Real Estate Investor.

As a Real Estate Agent, you likely have been told that investing techniques are illegal or unethical. These myths have led to an environment today that has caused brokers to institute archaic rules on you such as a prohibition on wholesaling, listing your own property or wrapping “sub2” deals.

As an investor, it’s very likely you have been told that you should avoid getting a real estate license. You might have heard that by having a license, you will have to treat sellers differently which can cost you good deals. Or worse, that a broker will trap you into a J-O-B and make you show buyers around.

These myths have permeated into our professional environment so deeply that investors hide their license from other investors and agents hide their investing activity from their brokers.

Licensed Investors have become the Black Sheep of our industry!

StepStone Realty merges the two paths and allows you to be both a Licensed Real Estate Agent AND a Creative Real Estate Investor! We ARE the Black Sheep and we are proud of it!

Stop selling yourself short! By choosing only one path, you are limiting your ability to adapt and make money in ever-changing market conditions.

By joining StepStone and being a Black Sheep, you can enjoy the freedom and wealth you hoped for from the beginning. With StepStone you CAN be both an investor and an agent!

Finally, a brokerage that gives you the Freedom to Succeed!

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